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Films to See Before You Die: #77 Iron Man

iron man

Iron Man (2008)

Director: Jon Favreau

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard

Synopsis: Weapons Manufacturer Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is kidnapped after making a weapons demonstration in the Middle East. He is badly injured after the attack and need a car battery hooked to a magnet to keep shrapnel from entering his heart and killing him. Stark is told by his kidnappers that they want him to make them the weapon he demonstrating the Jericho Missile. Instead of making the missile Stark builds an mechanical suit and a reactor to put in his chest to keep him alive and run the suit. He is soon able to make his escape and is rescued by his friend Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Terrence Howard). When he arrives home he is greeted by his long time assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and business partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges). Tony calls a new conference right away and announces Stark Industries will no longer be making weapons and will be looking to help people. Stark then creates a new suit and is named Iron Man but soon must face a threat from within his own company.

Trivia: According to Jon Favreau, it was difficult to find a proper opponent for Iron Man to face, since he wanted the film to remain grounded in reality as much as possible. It was decided to have a foe in the film who would serve as a parallel of Stark (i.e. an armored opponent). Well-known enemies like the Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo were considered, but finally the lesser-known Iron Monger, Obadiah Stane, was chosen as Iron Man’s adversary (Stane, as well as possessing his own armor, is also a business contemporary of Stark).

Why I think you should see this: Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most talented and entertaining actors of our generation and this is his official comeback film and he makes quite a splash with one of the best movies of 2008. I absolutely loved this movie first time I saw it because the FX were like nothing I had seen before and Jeff Bridges was the bad guy and what a bad guy. Jon Favreau makes a smooth transition to the action field with a very good film. If you enjoy this film also check out Iron Man 2 which is a great companion piece to this film.

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4 responses to “Films to See Before You Die: #77 Iron Man

  1. I honestly thought the second one was MUCH better. This dragged for me. There was very little action in it until the end… I know you have to set up the character, the concept and the story, but it could’ve taken a leaf out of Batman Begins’ book.

    It wasn’t horrible but frankly, Robert Downey Junior and his one liners – “I just did a piece for Vanity Fair” – saved it.

  2. jmount43 ⋅

    A wonderful superhero film. As for your going to college to study film and scripts; no disrespect intended, but I feel that the best way to learn about movies is to watch them. Great post, bro!

  3. noa834 ⋅

    I agree about Robert Downey Jr. He is amazing. In his youger days he did the movie about Charlie Chaplin. Definitely worth seeing.

  4. Excellent along with Iron Man 2. The Avengers is also well made. They are all a lot of fun in typical shoot-em-up smash-em-up fashion. But with some great lines to make them a cut-above-the-rest. Kim*

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