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Films to See Before You Die: #63 Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Cast: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins

Synopsis: Young lawyer Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves), has been sent to Transylvania to tend to the final real estate papers of Count Dracula (Gary Oldman), who has been buying up lots of land in London. While working late one night the Count notices a photo of Harker’s fiancee Mina Murray (Winona Ryder), who looks exactly like Dracula’s wife who has been dead for over 400 years. Dracula keeps Harker as his hostage while he romances Mina and her young friend Lucy. After it is discovered that Lucy has strange bite marks on her neck her doctor contacts his old mentor Professor Abraham Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins), who rushes to London in order to help. Jonathan is able to escape Dracula’s palace then he heads back to London in time to help with an attack on Dracula. What they don’t realize is the hold Dracula has on Mina and that he will stop at nothing to have her. Now Professor Van Helsing and Harker must get Dracula back to his palace in order to kill him and save Mina.

Trivia: Director Francis Ford Coppola was insistent that he didn’t want to use any kind of elaborate special effects or computer trickery when making the movie. He initially hired a standard visual effects team, but they told him that the things he wanted to achieve were impossible without using modern digital technology. Coppola disagreed and fired them, replacing them with his 29 year old son Roman Coppola, who set about achieving some of the effects by using old-school cinematic trickery.

Why I think you should see this: This version of Dracula follows Bram Stoker’s novel quite closely and it translates very well to the big screen. This is an earlier look at one of my favourtie actors Gary Oldman who might be the best actor for villains of this generation. This is also Anthony Hopkins first role after is Oscar winning performance in Silence of the Lambs and he does very well as Professor Van Helsing. This is a great film and arguably Coppola’s last great movie so check it out sometime.

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7 responses to “Films to See Before You Die: #63 Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  1. Excellent Flick!!!
    Great Choice!!!

  2. jmount43 ⋅

    The first time I saw this film I thought it was almost campy. Then I watched it again and realized just how great it is. The only complaint I had was with Woody Reeves’ acting. That line where he says “I’m sorry, I have offended you” could have come from a pine log.

  3. It’s a great movie if you ignore Keanu Reeve’s miserable attempt at an English accent. It was almost offensive… at least Kevin Costner didn’t bother to even try in Robin Hood LOL Us Brits could appreciate that… Costner probably said “Hey, I’m not English, everyone knows that, let’s not try to kid anyone and I can’t talk like that anyway.”

    Fair play.

    But Reeves’ dialogue coach should be tried for crimes against humanity…

  4. noa834 ⋅

    I think Gary Oldman is one of the best actors alive. Loved him in this.

  5. This was one of the best Dracula movies done!

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