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25 Films to See After You Die!

Hello all I am very sorry for my lack of posting the past couple of weeks. I have been super busy and also wanted to make sure what I wanted to do next on here. I decided to make a short list of films to see after you die which is basically a list of bad movies I have seen in my life. This again is a subjective list and even though I find these to be bad movies you will still find most of them on my shelf. I am gonna try and do a post a day again with these. I am going to use a similar formula as well topped off with why I think you shouldn’t watch the film. This is all in good fun and I hope you will enjoy this list as much as I will making it!

About Trevor

Hi my name is Trevor and this is my blog! Films are a passion of mine. I am a total film geek. I own over 700 films and the collection is ever growing. I studied Film Studies and Scriptwriting in College. What I have learned about films is mostly self taught.

4 responses to “25 Films to See After You Die!

  1. jazfagan

    Hey I am coming back as a mushroom in my next life, I’m sure of it. So a bad movie may be a blessing…LMAO

  2. noa834 ⋅

    great idea!

  3. Is that shot from “Ed Wood?” lol A good one for this list.

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