Films to See After You Die: #21 Con Air

con air

Con Air (1997)

Director: Simon West

Cast: Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, John Cusack, Monica Potter

Synopsis: Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage), a honorably discharged United States Army Ranger, is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of an innocent but drunk bar customer while trying to defend his pregnant wife Tricia (Monica Potter) from him, and sentenced to seven to ten years by a bias judge. During his time in prison, he communicates with his wife and daughter while taking time to better himself. Eight years later, Poe is released on parole, and is scheduled to be flown back to his hometown in Alabama on the same day as his daughter Casey’s seventh birthday. Poe is arranged transport on the “Jailbird”, a C-123 airplane, along with a fellow prisoner Mike “Baby-O” O’Dell and several other prisoners destined for a new Supermax prison, including Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom (John Malkovich). The prisoner transfer is overseen by U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin (John Cusack); however, he is approached by DEA agent Duncan Malloy, who asks to put undercover agent Sims on board the plane in order to gain intelligence from one of the prisoners during flight. Larkin acquiesces but insists the agent go aboard unarmed, but Malloy is able to sneak Sims a gun during the boarding pat-down. It is not long before the prisoners take over the plane and kill Sims. Heading for an unknown location it is up to Poe with the help of Larkin to stop The Virus from getting away.

Trivia: While “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing in the background, Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi) says: “Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.” On October 20, 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crashed. It was the model Convair 240.

Why I think you shouldn’t see this: Once again a very entertaining film that I own but this is pure trash. There are some redeeming parts such as John Malkovich’s performance as the villain and Steve Buscemi’s creepy little turn. Nic Cage’s accent is pretty terrible in this movie they probably should have just let him talk normally. Simon West did  a fine job directing with what he was given. I am pretty excited for his next film The Expendables 2. This is a good action film but not much else a must see for Cage fans if there are still any…


Films to See After You Die: #22 Cliffhanger


Cliffhanger (1993)

Director: Renny Harlin

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker, Janine Turner

Synopsis: Park Ranger Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone) and fellow ranger Jessie Deighan (Janine Turner) are dispatched to pick up their friend Hal Tucker (Michael Rooker) on a narrow peak in the Rocky Mountains called “The Tower”, when his bad knee gives out. While moving from one mountaintop to a helicopter via a steel cable, Hal’s girlfriend Sarah’s harness breaks and she is left dangling over a deep chasm. While the others try frantically to come up with a solution, Gabe straps himself in and goes out to save Sarah, but is unsuccessful; her gloved hand slips through Gabe’s and she falls 4,000 feet to her death in the chasm. Eight months later, Gabe returns to town for the first time since Sarah’s funeral. Overcome with guilt over having lost Sarah, Gabe has returned only to pack his remaining possessions to leave permanently and convince Jessie to come with him. However, a radio distress call comes in to the local rescue center where Hal and Jessie still work. Hal heads off to find the stranded climbers while Jessie pleads with Gabe to join Hal’s rescue attempt. Battling his inner demons Gabe meets Hal on the mountain, where Hal, still angry with Gabe for being unsuccessful at saving Sarah, lashes out and almost throws Gabe off a ledge. The rescue turns out to be a fake; the two climbers are taken prisoner by a group of ruthless thieves led by former Military Intelligence member Eric Qualen (John Lithgow), who seeks to recover three suitcases containing $100 million in uncirculated $1,000 bills belonging to the United States Department of the Treasury. With the aid of turncoat Treasury agent Richard Travers, Qualen and his mercenaries attempt to steal the suitcases via a daring air-to-air transfer, but the transfer is foiled and the three suitcases are lost among the mountains and two die during the heist. The thieves’ plane loses power during the attempt and crashes. The suitcases holding the money have beacon locators, but the thieves need expert help locating them in the mountainous terrain, thus prompting them to summon the unwitting Gabe and Hal to their aid. After realizing what is up Gabe and Hal must work together and use their knowledge of the mountains to stop Qualen from getting away.

Trivia: To demonstrate his faith in the safety equipment, director Renny Harlin put on a harness and flung himself out on a cable over a cliff. Christopher Walken was originally cast as Qualen but left the production before filming began, so John Lithgow was cast at the very last minute.

Why I think you shouldn’t see this: Don’t get me wrong Cliffhanger is a very entertaining film it’s just not one I would recommend others see. I love Sly in almost anything he does and this makes for a OK time waster bu that is about it. The scenery is beautiful and Stallone is solid but for this is the first time John Lithgow  has ruined a movie for me he is just terrible as Qualen; he looks and sounds like an adult Stewie from Family Guy. In my opinion these types of films are only as good as their villain and this one has a doozy of a bad guy. If you want to watch some beautiful footage of the Rockies and some fun action then you won’t be too disappointed otherwise you aren’t in for anything new.

Films to See After You Die: #23 Aliens vs. Predator-Requiem


Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem (2007)

Directors: Colin Strause, Greg Strause

Cast: Steve Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis

Synopsis: Two Predators load several live Alien facehuggers and his dead comrade onto a ship, intending to return to the Predator homeworld. Unbeknown to him, the dead comrade was impregnated with an Alien before dying. The alien bursts from the corpse’s chest, then quickly grows into a Predator-Alien hybrid. The Pred-Alien attacks the crew, killing them and forcing the ship to crash land in Gunnison, Colorado. Before one of the Predators is killed, he sends a distress call to the homeworld. His message is received by a Predator warrior who immediately embarks on the journey to earth to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, the facehuggers escape from the crashed ship and impregnate a father and son hunting team and, later, two homeless men living in the sewer system. Dallas (Steven Pasquale) returns to Gunnison after a stint in the state penitentiary. He is picked up at the bus station by Morales (John Ortiz); Dallas and Morales used to be partners in crime, but Morales is now the county’s sheriff. Also arriving home is Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth), after a tour of duty in Iraq. Her husband, Tim is overjoyed to see her, but their daughter, Molly, is unsure of how to react to her mother’s return. She does, however, enjoy the night-vision goggles Kelly brought home as a souvenir. Meanwhile, Dallas’s younger brother Ricky (Johnny Lewis), loses his car keys while delivering pizzas. After people start disappearing throughout town it becomes clear that the remaining survivors need to get out before its too late.

Trivia: According to the DVD commentary, Robert Joy’s character Col. Stevens was originally written as Garber from Predator 2, who was the highest ranking survivor from Peter Keyes team hunting the predators. When the actor who played Garber (Adam Baldwin) couldn’t be scheduled, the character was changed to Col Stevens.

Why I think you shouldn’t see this: I am a huge fan of both the Alien and Predator series so I had high hopes for both AVP films but they just weren’t good enough. The Strause brothers are amateur filmmakers at best making what it barely above fanboy quality. The acting is terrible but the few scenes with no humans are pretty great though and they actually do nail the Predator but sadly it isn’t enough to save the film. If you have have a craving for Alien and Predator action just watch the standalone films.

Films to See After You Die: #24 Conan the Barbarian


Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Director: Marcus Nispel

Cast: Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman

Synopsis: During the Hyborean Age, a group of sorcerers from Acheron created a mask from the skulls of dead kings and sacrificed their pure blood daughters to the dark gods in order to give the mask the power to subjugate the entire world. After killing countless people in their campaign to conquer the planet, the sorcerers were defeated by the Cimmerians led by Corin (Ron Perlman), who destroys the mask, scattering the pieces across the land, and keeping one for himself. Years later, the Cimmerians are at war with a rival clan. Corin’s pregnant wife is fatally injured in the battle, but is able to give birth to a son, Conan (Jason Momoa), before succumbing to her injuries. Conan’s birth on a battlefield, and subsequent survival, is considered to be a powerful omen. Conan insists that he is ready to wield his own sword, but Corin reminds him that once a blade has been forged, it must still be tempered before it can be wielded. Not long after, village are attacked by armored warriors, sporting a symbol of a large, two headed serpent. The leader, Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), confronts Corin, demanding his piece of the Mask. When Corin refuses, he is restrained and tortured. After receiving the piece of the mask he seeks Zym kills Corin and leaves Conan for dead. Twenty years later Zym has found all of the pieces to the mask and requires the sacrifice by a young pureblood named Tamara (Rachel Nichols) and only Conan stands in his way.

Trivia: Dolph Lundgren, then Mickey Rourke were in talks to play Corin, Conan’s father, but Rourke turned it down to do Immortals before Ron Perlman was cast. Kellan Lutz and Jared Padalecki were considered for the lead, but the role went to Jason Momoa.

Why I think you shouldn’t see this: This movie was kind of doomed to fail wasn’t it? The script for this movie is pretty horrible with the dialogue being pretty wooden. Jason Momoa is a perfectly capable actor with strong turns in Game of Thrones and Stargate but he isn’t given much to work with here. Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman are pretty good but still they aren’t working with much. Marcus Nispel seems to be in way over his head with this one and it makes me think perhaps Brett Ratner could’ve done a better job. The fight scenes were pretty good though and the film looks great but it leaves you wanting more.

Films to See After You Die: #25 Green Lantern

hal jordan

Green Lantern (2011)

Director: Martin Campbell

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins and Clancy Brown

Synopsis: Millions of years before the Earth was formed, a group of beings called the Guardians of the Universe used the green essence of willpower to create an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. They split the universe into 3,600 sectors, with one Green Lantern per sector. One such Green Lantern, Abin Sur of Sector 2814, defeated the fear-essence being Parallax (voiced by Clancy Brown) and imprisoned him in the Lost Sector on the ruined planet Ryut. However, in the present day, Parallax escapes from his prison. Six months later, Parallax attacks Sector 2814 and mortally wounds Abin Sur, who escapes and crash-lands on Earth. The dying Abin Sur commands his ring to find a worthy successor on the planet. Ferris Aircraft test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is chosen by the ring and transported to the crash site, where Abin Sur appoints him a Green Lantern, by telling him to take the lantern and speak the oath. At home he says the oath of the Green Lanterns while under trance from the glow of the lantern. Jordan is whisked away to the Green Lantern Corps home planet of Oa, where he meets and trains with Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffrey Rush) and Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan). He encounters Corps leader Sinestro (Mark Strong), who is not pleased that a human which is primitive compared to other species has become a Green Lantern. Meanwhile, after being summoned by his father Senator Robert Hammond (Tim Robbins) to a secret government facility, scientist Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) performs an autopsy on Abin Sur’s body. A piece of Parallax inside the corpse inserts itself inside Hammond, mutating the scientist and giving him telepathy and telekinetic powers, at the cost of his sanity. After discovering that he was only chosen due to his father’s influence, Hammond resentfully attempts to kill his father by telekinetically sabotaging his helicopter at a party. However, Jordan uses his ring to save the senator and the party guests, including his childhood sweetheart, Ferris manager and fellow test pilot Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). After realizing that Parallax is making his way to Earth, Hal must confront his fears and save the Universe.

Trivia: The Green Lantern uniform is portrayed in computer-generated imagery; this was a creative move by the filmmakers, who wanted the uniform not to be a real cloth outfit but an energy construct generated by the Lantern power ring. Notably the comics originally started with Hal Jordan having an actual uniform, but later this was amended to the Green Lantern’s uniform being a construct created by the rings.

Why I think you shouldn’t watch this: Green Lantern has the makings of a great super hero film with a strong director and an all-star cast but the only really impressive part about the film is the CGI. Not to say this is the worst movie ever made but it is the weakest comic book film entry since the Fantastic 4 films. I was so pleased when I heard Ryan Reynolds got the role of Hal Jordan because I figured he could do no wrong as a cocky test pilot but this movie just proves that DC should have held off and cast him as the Flash. Mark Strong is also underutilized as Sinestro if for some reason they make a second one they need Sinestro as the villain. I own this movie so I obviously like it but if you are willing to watch it don’t expect much more than some amazing CGI.

25 Films to See After You Die!

Hello all I am very sorry for my lack of posting the past couple of weeks. I have been super busy and also wanted to make sure what I wanted to do next on here. I decided to make a short list of films to see after you die which is basically a list of bad movies I have seen in my life. This again is a subjective list and even though I find these to be bad movies you will still find most of them on my shelf. I am gonna try and do a post a day again with these. I am going to use a similar formula as well topped off with why I think you shouldn’t watch the film. This is all in good fun and I hope you will enjoy this list as much as I will making it!